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7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

6. Popcorn

Most people believe that popcorns a very healthy, low-calorie food item that works great to satisfy the appetite without piling up calories, right? Wrong!

You see, most corn varieties are genetically modified, and it is a known fact that popcorn is created with damaged fats. Microwave popcorns are no better than a bag full of toxins and chemicals, and several scientific researches that revealed that these bags themselves are one of the greatest culprits that damage our thyroids and aggravate several chronic ailments.

Moreover, it is important to note popcorns are extremely high on the glycemic index, and therefore, they are capable of spiking blood sugar levels and creating severe appetite problems. Also, since they are nothing more than a trigger food, they will only make you crave more fats, starch and salt.

Healthy Alternative to Popcorn

7. Agave-Sweetened Treats

Clever marketing tricks and fallacious information has led us all to believe that agave sweetener is actually a healthy product, while the truth is that agave contains more than 97% fructose, a disastrously damaging amount!

You see, fructose is undoubtedly the most damaging sweetener known to humankind, and it is capable of causing severe damage to your liver, along with raising inflammation levels, and converting itself into triglycerides, the hard-to-burn fats that cause a protruding muffin top to emerge around your midsection.

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