7 Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

Modern kitchen is incomplete without microwave. It has become a necessity of modern life. Brownies, baked potatoes, one minute mug cakes, popcorn and many more that cannot imagine without microwave.

In our busy schedule, microwave saves our time and makes our tasks easily done but it affect our health.

You should be extra careful while using a microwave. Otherwise you have to face an explosion.

In order to help you stay safe — and keep your kitchen from going up in flames — here are some reminders about how to properly use your microwave.
Credit: Health Insider

There are many ingredients that lose its nutrients during microwave process. So, to handle these things tactfully, you should be careful as well smart user.

1. Metal

Metal is a good conductor of electricity and when we use metal in the microwave it become a good conductor because microwave rays strike on the metal and may generate spark. This spark may lead to fire.

So, be careful in using crockery of metal even cutlery or tin foil.

Microwave Oven Aluminum Foil

2. Grapes

Grapes cannot endure heat and they are exploded when it is kept at high temperature.

Grape in Microwave

3. Paper Bags

Sometimes we pick eatables in paper bag from the market. These bags may contain ink, glue or any type of recycled material. When it is exposed to heat it may emit toxic fumes.

According to USDA they are not hygienic point of view and burst into flames when it is heated in the microwave.

Can you microwave paper coffee cups

4. Eggs

Eggs may explode in the microwave at raised temperature. According to a physicist, Jim Hutchison, at the University of Aberdeen, UK: “Microwave eggs can reach temperatures much higher than if they were simply boiled in water at 100 Celsius”.

Actually at high temperature vaporizes become in egg white, they solidifies and put pressure inside an egg. When their strength reaches to the breaking of shell, the egg explodes.

How long do you put an egg in the microwave

5. Styrofoam containers

Styrofoam containers are kept at high temperature it may deshape or melt. In this way the toxic chemicals may add into the food which is harmful to consume.

However, on some Styrofoam containers microwave safe is printed so you can use it without any fear.

Plastic wrap in microwave

6. Chilli Peppers

This is not a good idea to microwave chilli peppers. It is acidic in nature and at raised temperature it may burn and might catch fire.

On the opening of microwave door it may sore your eyes or hurt your throat.

Never Put Chili Peppers in Microwave

7. Nothing

When microwave is empty and no food to absorb heat it may cause a fire. Microwave is designed to create microwaves from magnetron. These microwaves are transmitted to the cooking compartment where food is kept to heat. When there is no food these microwaves produced from magnetron find their way back to magnetron. It is harmful for oven and possibly set afire.

Things You Should NEVER Microwave


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