7 Weird Signs You Might Have A Heart Problem

Most patients have reported to have experienced a heart attack without even realising it for all the symptoms they went through were so unrelated to the functioning of their heart. The prevalent belief is that when you experience a heart attack, the pain will result in your heart, but the truth is that only those who have experienced cardiac arrests and emergence can tell you how sneaky, subtle and weird the symptoms of heart ailments or heart attacks tend to be.

These symptoms tend to occur when and where we least expect them to occur, and even young men and women are not immune to their occurrence.

Research reveals that heart attacks most commonly occur amongst women after 10 years of experiencing menopause. However, even young women are likely to develop heart problems, and statistics reveal that nearly 30,000 women below the age of 50 have been diagnosed with heart disease. Further statistics reveal that heart disease is one of the highest cause of death for women above the age of 35. Moreover, heart ailments account for 1 in every 4 deaths.

Possible Heart Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore
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Image: The Healthy Page

One reason why heart disease is extremely common and often goes undetected is because the symptoms are very easy to shrug off and dismissed as they tend to have very little to do with the heart. Younger women are particularly lazy about identifying the symptoms until it’s too late.

We’ve listed down all the weird symptoms that indicate heart trouble so you can be extra vigilant about the health of your heart. Here, take a look:

1. Upper Back Pressure

It’s important to understand the onset of a heart attack doesn’t always impact the heart, but it can also be felt in other body parts. Most patients tend to complain that a heart attacks feel as if an elephant is sitting on top of their chest, but in certain cases, you can also feel the weight of an elephant straining your upper back. Therefore, if you are experiencing a massive amount of pressure or pain on your upper back, it could be an indication of a heart attack.


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  1. I have severe pain like an elephant sitting on my neck, and dizziness. I have a severe cervical neck disease, and bad headaches and head pain.

    • Try to have honey +black seeds in the morning time, this will help your body to protect from all the minor and major deceases . This is not joke try it .

  2. Hy, well I don’t know about me but I often feel like I could stretch my neck my back until they make that stretchy sound… It always like I’m not free or my bones are sore… By the way I’m a male of age25 … People think I might I have a problem especially my lower back I have to bent over for to be relieved. ….

  3. I was 37 yrs old and ended up in icu for 70 days I have endocarditis and recently went thru open heart surgery to repair valves and they implanted a angioplasty ring but my odds are maybe 2;more years longer

  4. What men need to understand is that erectile dysfunction is often a precursor to heart disease. Doctors will not do their due diligence and simply prescribe ED drugs to cover up the real underlying problem.

    If you’re having problems like this and it’s not due to relationship issues or psychological problems, it’s important to get assessed. Change your lifestyle and eat healthy. Stop smoking and drinking.

    Once you get a heart attack, many of the drugs you’ll be forced to take for the rest of your life often kill libido and/or will cause further ED. It’s not a pretty picture of you used to enjoy sex.

  5. I have numbness in my left leg, and numbness in my penis sometimes.. could this be related, and should i be concern ed?

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