7 Weird Signs You Might Have A Heart Problem

2. Swollen Legs or Ankles

Bloating doesn’t always occur due to binge-eating or even that extra slice of pizza that you ate last night. Leg bloating can occur due to countless different reasons and ailments, but it can also occur due to an ongoing problem with your heart valves.

In certain cases, a build-up of excessive of fluids, also known as edema, tends to be an extremely common sign of congestive heart failure, which indicates that the heart is incapable of processing the blood in and out at the appropriate rate.

However, before you go crazy with fear, you must understand that kind of swelling is not similar to the symptoms of bloating induced by overeating, and it tends to worsen very quickly, rapidly spreading to other parts of your body. So if you feel that your case of swelling has gotten unusually severe, be sure to consult your doctor immediately.

Leg Infection Swelling

3. Headaches

Instead of ignoring the slicing pain in your head and treating it with an over-the-counter pain killer, you need to pay attention to the fact that severe headaches often tend to occur due to a blood clot or the onset of a heart stroke.

Naturally, if you’re experiencing a headache independent of the other symptom, it is less likely to be an indication of something being wrong with your heart.

However, if you experience a severe headache along with other symptoms, such as dizziness, exhaustion and neck stiffness, or even if it tends to occur suddenly, it is assign that your body is being threatened by aneurysm, and you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Cluster Headache and Neck Pain


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