7 Weird Signs You Might Have A Heart Problem

4. Exhaustion

Exhaustion and fatigue is one of the toughest signs to understand because it tends to occur for over a million different reasons, for instance sleepiness, a tough routine, or even stress. However, if you’re experiencing abnormal levels of exhaustion despite being fit and well-slept, there is a great cause to be concerned.

If you’re reasonably fit and healthy and yet you find yourself panting and exhausted after climbing a short flight of stairs, you need to get worried. Also, if you experiencing a certain amount of weakness that you remember experiencing while being extremely sick with a bad case of flu, it is a sign that your heart is finding it difficult to properly oxygenate your body.

Now, this is one of the easiest symptoms to shrug off and ignore, particularly for men and women who are workaholics and refuse to slow down their frantic pace, you need to consider it the final straw if you’re experiencing perpetual exhaustion alongside other unusual symptoms.

5. Stomach Cramping

Most people believe that heart pains is always felt in the left arm, or directly in the chest. However, they fail to realize that this pain can also radiate in other parts of the body as well.

It is extremely common for heart patients to complain of stomach ache, when the ailment is clearly residing within their heart.

So if you’re experiencing the onset of sharp and awful stomach cramps, it is likely that the pain from your heart is being radiated towards your stomach. However, this could even be a result of heartburn, indigestion or even flu. However, if this stomach cramping has never occurred before and refuses to subside with digestive medications, it’s essential to consult a doctor right away.


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  1. I have severe pain like an elephant sitting on my neck, and dizziness. I have a severe cervical neck disease, and bad headaches and head pain.

  2. Hy, well I don’t know about me but I often feel like I could stretch my neck my back until they make that stretchy sound… It always like I’m not free or my bones are sore… By the way I’m a male of age25 … People think I might I have a problem especially my lower back I have to bent over for to be relieved. ….

  3. I was 37 yrs old and ended up in icu for 70 days I have endocarditis and recently went thru open heart surgery to repair valves and they implanted a angioplasty ring but my odds are maybe 2;more years longer

  4. What men need to understand is that erectile dysfunction is often a precursor to heart disease. Doctors will not do their due diligence and simply prescribe ED drugs to cover up the real underlying problem.

    If you’re having problems like this and it’s not due to relationship issues or psychological problems, it’s important to get assessed. Change your lifestyle and eat healthy. Stop smoking and drinking.

    Once you get a heart attack, many of the drugs you’ll be forced to take for the rest of your life often kill libido and/or will cause further ED. It’s not a pretty picture of you used to enjoy sex.

  5. I have numbness in my left leg, and numbness in my penis sometimes.. could this be related, and should i be concern ed?

  6. Hi, I had mild heart attack.
    few years ago I used to get back pain I told my GP she send me for phjio they thought me to do excise that made my back pain so worsh that I could walk at all without family members helping me after few day in morning I fainted admitted to hospital they said I had mild heart attack.
    Few days ago found out that I have enlarged heart.
    I wonder why doctor don’t notice the symptoms of anxiety and heart attack.

  7. Natural are the way the medicine doctors give mess you up more to many side effects and they don’t work take care of your self naturally. The reason why? They wanted you to be well they can but you got to have a lot of money or be Ginny pig and get hurt more.

  8. I have had all this and was put in the hospital. They found I have a coiled aorta. My heart was pounding in my head bad. I felt like weights on my back and I was weak and felt faint. I am getting an MRI and aultrasound on my neck. Believe I have neck problems. I always feel like I am going to throw up and if I lay down I can feel my heart pounding in my head. Scarys me but I always talk myself into relaxing and forget about it. It just doesn’t feel right.

  9. I experience most of these symptoms occasionally one or more at a time. I just turned 30 last year in December. Should I be worried?

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