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7 Worst Diet Mistakes for Your Hair and Nails

2. Sugar

Sugar is extremely bad for our skin and cause countless ailments, similarly, sugary foods are unhealthy for our nails and hair.

If you consume too many sugary treats, they will cause a blood sugar spike, and this will cause the body to pump out insulin to curb the rise in blood sugar.

Moreover, it will also lead to increased level of androgen, which is a male hormone that can cause the hair follicles in both, men and women, to shrink abnormally.

Can Sugar Cause Hair Loss

3. High-Glycemic Foods

Research reveals that foods that rapidly break down into sugar tend to cause severe damage to our nails and hair. These foods include, cakes, pastas, brownies, white breads and other starchy foods, which are capable of triggering a negative response within our body, leading to severe hair thinning.

Researchers further reveal that a diet that is purely based on high-glycemic foods can cause a rapid increase in androgen levels, while foods that are low on the glycemic index tend to reduce and normalize the amount of androgen levels within our body.

Whole Grain Bread Glycemic Index


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