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7 Worst Diet Mistakes for Your Hair and Nails

5. Fish High in Mercury

Most people may not know this, but your daily diet has a great deal to do with problems such as brittle nails and hair thinning.

Research reveals that one of the biggest culprits of this ailment tend to be an excessive consumption of fish. Certain varieties of fish contain high levels of mercury, and consuming high amounts of mercury tends to cause hair loss.

If you’re consuming too much fish, particularly sushi, at least four or five times a week, you’re overdoing it. Even though mercury poisoning is extremely rare, it is best to limit your consumption of fish varieties that contain too much mercury. For instance, mackerel, swordfish and certain kinds of tuna. On the other hand, salmon, shrimp and canned light tuna are extremely low in mercury.

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6. Deficiency of Iron & Zinc

Most people tend to believe that the tiny white flecks that tend to emerge on our nails are an indication of a calcium deposit. But research reveals that these little spots are a sign that your daily diet does not contain sufficient amounts of zinc and iron.

You can obtain both these essential minerals naturally from seafood and red meats, for they are extremely instrumental for the formation of keratin, and a deficiency of these minerals can cause several nail and hair ailments.

If you’re a vegetarian, it can be tough for you to obtain these two minerals, but you can still stock up a hefty amount of zinc and iron from certain beans.

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