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8 Best Beauty Remedies You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home

For several of us, our pantries are revered spaces. They line up the super-foods and other dishes that provide us with the energy that is required to lead a boss girl’s life.

Why we do not go for one step more and convert our kitchen to the personal beauty workshop? This is simple; we can make the number of scrubs using simple ingredients that are usually placed in our refrigerators.

These are the 8 best home beauty remedies you can totally do yourself at home by using regular kitchen items.


DIY Ingredients: Strawberries + Baking Soda

Strawberries Baking Soda Teeth Whitener
Credit: Health Insider

Our teeth get damaged daily due to the excessive and regular intake of the chocolaty sweets and coffee’s copious amounts. In this severe damage, kinds of toothpaste mostly do not work well.

For the pearly white teeth, brush your teeth properly with the baking soda before hitting the hay at night. Afterward, brush them with the normal best-suited toothpaste. This whitening agent helps to remove the stains so quickly from the teeth and giving a beautiful even tone.


DIY Ingredients: Honey + Avocado

Honey and Avocado Face Mask
Credit: Health Insider

To moisten up your facial skin, this mask should be used that is based on only basic two ingredients: creamy avocado and honey. This is strongly recommended by the “Los Angeles-based esthetician Stacy Cox”.

This mask should rest on the face for ten minutes as per suggested by the Cox and then just rinse it off with Luke warm water. It gives the best royal treatment to the skin.


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