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8 Best Beauty Remedies You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home


DIY Ingredients: Sugar + Honey

Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub
Credit: Health Insider

First, you must take a smooth cleaned canvas. Brown sugar and olive oil are the only things required for its preparation and it will take hardly two minutes.

What you need to do is, take a tablespoon of each of these ingredients, pour them in a bowl and mix it so well. Make a nice granulated paste out of it, and then apply it on your lips. For a minute or two, massage it gently over your lips.

Rub it softly; do not apply it hardly chafing the skin.

Rinse it off using the warm water and dry your lips using a soft towel. It will give such a smooth effect to the lips. Applying lip color after this scrub gives the best appearance to the color.


DIY Ingredients: Coconut Oil + Avocado

Coconut Oil and Avocado Hair Mask
Credit: Health Insider

While you use avocado in your handy face mask, use its rest in the equally nourishing hair mask. This prevents hair from the dryness caused by the hot summer sun.

For its preparation, mix two tablespoons of avocado and two tablespoons of coconut oil very well in a blender.

Apply it on your hair properly using the comb and leave it for an hour. Gets it all out using the shampoo followed by the best-suited conditioner? This helps to make hair to look healthier and shinier instantly and gives the best long-lasting growth effects as well.


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