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8 Best Beauty Remedies You Can Totally Do Yourself At Home


DIY Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar + Water

Apple Cider Vinegar and Water Toner
Credit: Health Insider

Apple cider vinegar is the major content in the toner formation because it comprises the best anti-bacterial properties that are being helpful in the sloughing off the dead skin cells, making your skin look way too smoother and brighter. The second ingredient is the water; it is used in the toner for the dilution of the acidity of the vinegar.

For its preparation, take one part of the apple cider vinegar and two parts of the water, mix them up properly.

To apply this on your skin, take a cotton pad or ball, dip it in the prepared solution and gently swipe it across the cleansed face.


DIY Ingredients: Olive Oil + Coconut Oil

Olive or Coconut Oil Makeup Remover
Credit: Health Insider

We are in a habit of using waterproof makeup, because of the reason that they last longer and do not budge off from the face but what we hate the most about them is the walking up the stage to the car washing drive through to remove it off from the skin, still leaving the remnants behind. They are waterproof and will not be erased up using normal water.

The best and the easiest way to remove these long-wear makeup products are employing an oil-based agent that can dissolve the makeup and remove it off completely from the face.

For its application, dab a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil onto a cotton pad or ball, rub it over the lip and eye area (for mascara and lip-color) and keep massaging it until the makeup is completely off. Then wash the face with the normal cleanser.


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