8 Clear Symptoms You Might Have Nerve Damage

A tree has thousands of branches that sends the final message to the trunk. Our body behaves in a same order. The body has thousands of nerves that too like the tree branches, responds to the spinal cord and Brain. When all the body nerves are working according to the system and in a proper way then the brain too behaves properly and help your muscles to move smoothly, keep your inner organs working, and recognize the pain in any part of the body. But when these peripheral nerves are not working smoothly or get damages, it could affect a lot of things. This could make you feel pounding pain, makes it difficult to walk, and you might have severe injury because you don’t get an idea how this thing can hurt you.

A study mentioned in Neurological disorder department that there are 20 million Americans, suffering from Neuropathy or nerve damage. Diabetes is the number one cause of this and the other reasons are vitamin deficiencies, aging, excess use of alcohol or other toxins like drugs, infections, autoimmune problems like diphtheria, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, HIV and even Guillain-Barre syndromes. And to our amazement, 30% of the neuropathy cases are due to no known cause and called ‘idiopathic’.

Following are the symptoms that you can judge the nerve damage before getting diagnosed by the doctor.
Credit: Health Insider

The good thing is, nerve damage happens slowly, which means you can treat it before it gets worse. But still it is never easy to diagnose the disease. Following are the symptoms that you can judge the nerve damage before getting diagnosed by the doctor.

1. Severe numbness, burn feeling or tingling

You may get a sensation of numbness and burning through your legs, arms and feet, even while sleeping. This feeling while sleeping is called compression of sensory nerves, which is relatively common and these tingle feeling are usually temporary and even if it doesn’t go away, you need to get it checked by the doctor.

You have numbness, tingling, or burning

2. Pain running down in one leg

If you feel sudden and endless pain, tingling or burning feeling starting from your lower back and reaching towards the leg, this might is due to your sciatic nerve is damaged or compressed and this is called SCIATICA. This might be due to a worn down and slipped down in your spine.

You have pain running down just one leg


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