8 Clear Symptoms You Might Have Nerve Damage

3. Difficulty in moving body parts

Weakness and paralysis may occur when the motor nerves are affected. These symptoms can also occur if there is a fundamental issue that too needs quick attention from the doctor.

When these symptoms occur, they might indicate that you are having heart stroke as well and in this situation you need to get to the doctor as soon as possible.

4. Getting clumsier than usual

Sudden feeling of stumble and falling again and again? Failure to the sense position of the body that causes a bad fall, and poor sense of coordination that too leads to body fall is due to the damage of large nerves in the body.

You can feel this sensation if you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, because in this disease the brain cells in the nerves are damaged.

5. Too much bathroom visits all the time

Disturbed and damaged nerves can literally make you visit the bathroom again and again by sending your bladder false messages. This make you feel to pee again and again even you find it troubled to get to the washroom. People suffering from diabetes or women who just have delivered a baby are more likely to face this problem.


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    Am very keen to know & learn about the alternative natural methods & treatments to combat these pathological conditions . Thanky our.

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