8 Clear Symptoms You Might Have Nerve Damage

6. Short-term headaches that feels intense like electric shocks

You may suffer from occipital neuralgia, which is a condition that is caused by neck nerve damaged or pinched badly. The situation may cause severe and temporary headaches that feels as painful as electric shocks.

To treat this situation one needs to have a nerve block, which is an injection that slabs the trouble causing nerves from sending painful signals to the brain.

7. Sweating too little or too much than usual

If you feel constant sweating and increased heart rate or too little sweating even after moving your body a lot, you might go to the doctor for some tests. This could be when the nerves that carries information from the brain to secretion glands, have become damaged and compromised.

8. Not feeling something you should be feeling and getting yourself injured

There are some sensory nerves in your body that are supposed to inform your brain about the surface being dangerous and injurious, and if they are not doing this than you might be more accident-prone. For example, if you have any cuts, burns, or some trauma because you don’t feel anything being sharp, hot or dangerous. If this happens more often than you should see your doctor before the situation gets serious.


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    Am very keen to know & learn about the alternative natural methods & treatments to combat these pathological conditions . Thanky our.

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