8 Foods to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

The sensitivity of tooth is really painful yet unavoidable sometimes, but there’s something you can do to get rid of the tooth-ache. You only have to leave out some foods which are too hot or cold, sticky or sugary, or acidic.

Sensitive Teeth is a Common Problem:

Millions of Americans (around 40 million) have been reporting the sensitivity of teeth as a great problem whenever they have something critic or acidic, frozen, sticky, steamy, sweet in their menu, according to a report by Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). According to The Journal of American Dental Association which was published in March 2013, Not only women but Young adults are having receding and thinning gum lines which are causing tooth sensitivity in about 800 patients observed at dental practices, in only north-west part of U.S.

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If the food is steaming or frozen, we are definite about it to cause toothache, but additionally avoid these 8 foods to assist you in providing relief to your pain:

1. Soda / Carbonated Drinks

Sensitive teeth have nerve fibers exposed, which can get irritated by sugary or citric contents, which are surely present in Soda Drinks.

According to John T. Grbic, who is dental medicine professor as well as director of Foundational Science at Columbia University in NYC, sodas are among the first and foremost foods to be avoided for preventing sensitivity of teeth.

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2. Hard Candies

Who doesn’t like lollipops, sucker and peppermints? But a little bit of your sacrifice will be required to avoid the pain as they are super-stuffed with sugar. In addition, according to American Dental Association, your sensitive teeth are weak and can easily chip or break by eating hard candies.

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