8 Foods to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Teeth

3. Sticky Candies

Ecclairs, Jellies, Licorice, Caramel and Chocolate delights are amazing treats but your sensitive teeth have an aversion towards them. Not only that they are sugary but also they stick to your teeth which stimulate the nerves in the dentine.

Dentine is not a hard covering of teeth like enamel but has holes that lead to inner nerves which can cause severe pain, according to Eugene Gamble, who is a periodontal specialist in the UK.

4. Ice-creams / Frozen Juices

Sensitive teeth are devoid of the most vital protective layer of teeth: enamel layer.

Jordan Taylor, who is a dentist in Huntsville, Alabama, explains that ice-creams and other frozen juices as well as fruits trigger teeth to become more sensitive as the insulating layer of enamel is absent to block the nerves out from being aggravated by food temperatures.

5. Hot Coffee / Tea

Steaming hot foods can irritate your nerves of teeth and if you sweeten your tea or coffee with sugar, pain can be really worse and unbearable.

Add more milk to your tea or coffee, suggests Dr. Taylor, as it assists in lowering temperature of your coffee and can prevent from acidity.


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