8 Most Unhealthy Foods Stored in Your Fridge

Is your fridge the storehouse of nutritious healthy food free of processed, non-nutritious and empty-calories products? Yogurt, Milk, vegetables, bread and some ice-creams and chocolates as treats are stored but are they fulfilling enough? Journal of Association for Consumer Research dictates that people overeat what seems to be less satiating.

You need to get rid of various health offenders which are wearing a garb of being delicious, healthy and flavorsome foods. Whatever you are having in your fridge, you are definitely going to consume it sooner or later. So, “better safe than sorry” maxim fits perfect here because if it’s not stored in your fridge, then your health is protected from the havoc they can create for you.

Worst Foods In Your Fridge

The 8 Worst Foods In Your Fridge

Here’s a food list that need to be skipped when stocking up your fridge.

1. Frozen Vegetables with Sauce

Refrigerated vegetables are a surety of you getting nutrition of green vegetables without their getting rotten. From farm to stores, the vegetables are kept fresh by keeping them frozen. Yet, vegetables with added sauces packed in begs need to be stored out on shelves as they are containing extra fats and sodium content which equals a potion of butter on veggies. A cup of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower encapsulate about 40 mg sodium and 34 calories. What if you try a mug of California blend with cheese sauce? You will be consuming about 141 calories and 639 mg of sodium.

Best Frozen Vegetables for Weight Loss

Healthier and Good Option: You have already been suggested to use frozen plain vegetables with a bit of olive oil.

2. Mayonnaise

Flavored and savoring mayonnaise that you love to add in your sandwiches, burger or even salads are found in your fridge definitely. I bet on that! It’s appetizing and irresistible but what if you are told that just one tablespoon of your favorite mayonnaise contains about 100 calories? Will you still love as much as you did before. Rethink over storing it in your fridge.

Paleo Mayonnaise Immersion Blender

Healthier and Good Option: You have an alternative i.e. mustard but if you want that smooth and rich texture then try preparing pesto made of olive oil, which is good for your heart.


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