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9 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

It is always good to take right and healthy diet especially when you are trying to get pregnant. In our normal routine we are not bother about taking fried and high calories diet. We have made our life easier by taking junk food. But, if your are trying to think about conceiving, there should be some dietary changes that help you to go through this process.

There are some foods that may cause hormonal changes in your body. Artificial ingredients, fizzy drinks, synthetic hormones, junk food and potential contaminants are top of the list that could make conception less.

Here are 9 foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant fast. #pregnancytips
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You should avoid these foods and go for enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It doesn’t mean to go against your taste buds but on the safe side, keep them mostly off the list if you are trying to get pregnant or want a positive result.

1. High-mercury fish

Mercury is harmful for the nervous system. The high mercury consumption may directly affect the nervous system of the fetus. The fetal nervous system is being formed in the starting of the pregnancy, when mostly women even do not know about their pregnancy. They take their normal routine diet that is contaminated on high mercury. It is dangerous for the development the baby’s nervous system.

Fish and sea food like swordfish and tuna are rich sources of mercury. Too much accumulation of mercury in the body may delayed the pregnancy or directly harm the fetus.

So, it is suggested by mostly dietitian and nutritionist to avoid the high-mercury fish during the pregnancy and to decrease the infertility rate.

Avoid High Mercury Fish To Get Pregnant
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