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9 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

4. High-glycemic-index foods

One main reason of increasing the infertility rate is the increased consumption of high-glycemic- index foods. Our dietary pattern includes such foods that make your blood sugar spike. It ultimately cause the inflammation, imbalance hormone level and impede ovulation.

We should try to take food in raw form rather than processed and can foods. Try to choose slow burning carbs such as brown rice, wheat bread, pasta, protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Avoid High Glycemic Index Foods To Get Pregnant
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5. Low-fat diary

Dairy products like yogurt, milk etc are good source of calcium that is necessary for the strengthen of bones. Dairy products also have androgen that get left in when fat is removed.

Androgen is hormone which interfere with menstrual cycle. In conceiving, menstrual cycle plays an important role. So, add low fat diary products in your diet if you want to conceive.

Avoid Low Fat Diary To Get Pregnant
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6. Excess alcohol

Excess alcohol is too bad for health especially for conceiving. Actually alcohol has mercury and increased mercury level contributes to infertility.

Alcohol also disturbs the menstrual cycle and hormones. In order to increase the chances of pregnancy and fetus growth, it is necessary to avoid alcohol.

Avoid Excess Alcohol To Get Pregnant
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