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9 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

3. Soup

Starting your meals with a large cup of vegetable or chicken broth soup is an incredibly effective diet trick to eat less and cut down your calorie consumption.

You can always make a chunky soup with vegetables and bits of chicken, or you can make a finely pureed brew, whatever suits your taste as long as it is made of broth.

The ideal cooking tip is to make sure the soup contains no more than 100-150 calorie for effective weight loss benefits. Therefore, be sure to steer clear of fattening ingredients, like butter, cream and cheese.

Clear Vegetable Soup for Weight Loss
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4. Dark Chocolate

It’s alright to delight your taste buds to a mindful serving of chocolate for an energizing snack between your meals.

Just be sure to pick out at least 75% cocoa-rich dark chocolate instead of the sugary milk chocolate, and eat no more than a square or two at a time.

A recent study revealed that subjects who were given dark chocolate ended up eating 15% less pizza after a few hours, as compared to the subjects who were given milk chocolate.

Does Cocoa Help Weight Loss
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  1. I found your information for healthy diet. I have followed in recent yea3rs, a similar diet, but my mistake, I eat a lot of CHEESE!

    Do you have a website that one can access directly?

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