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9 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

7. Beans

Beans an inexpensive food item to fill yourself with a wide variety of nutrients, primarily energizing protein and filling fiber, which promotes easy digestion and rapid weight loss.

Basically, beans fill you up and curb your appetite, which prevents you from eating too much and results in amazing weight loss gains.

The best part is, you can toss these versatile food staples into any and every recipe, be it a garden salad or a casserole.

Are Beans Unhealthy
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8. Yogurt

You can pick out regular plain yogurt varieties or even Greek yogurt, both are extremely beneficial for losing weight and keeping it off.

A recent study attempted to examine the daily diets of over 120,000 individuals for more than a decade. The results revealed that of all the foods consumed by these individuals, yogurt brought out the greatest weight loss benefits.

You can devour it with a crunchy and sweet topping of fresh berries and nuts.

Greek Yogurt Only Diet
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  1. I found your information for healthy diet. I have followed in recent yea3rs, a similar diet, but my mistake, I eat a lot of CHEESE!

    Do you have a website that one can access directly?

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