A Therapy That Can Help Hearing Loss

According to the studies of Mayo Clinic in United States, quarter percent of its whole population ages between 55 and 64 and they have a problem of hearing issue to some extent. In every 1000 children in United States about 2-3 are born with some hearing problem which doctors can detect right at the time of their birth, according to Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are some assistive devices that can help or maybe cochlear implants and hearing aids are also used, hence you don’t only have one choice to improve the condition of the person who is suffering. Now the good news is that there is proper treatments that can repair hearing as in European Journal of Neuroscience have approved a research for publication. A theory involving the epidermal growth factor (EGF), which is “responsible for activating support cells in the auditory organs of birds,” has been already tested by the Scientists of University of Rochester Medical Center and Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary. The results of this study says that when the auditory nerve cells are destroyed it causes the hearing loss in many cases and in a press release it was said that “When triggered, these cells proliferate and foster the generation of new sensory hair cells.”

The investigation and the activation methods for the EFG signaling pathways was the next mission for the researchers, one of them uses a virus to target ERBB2 receptors, found in cochlear support cells (or the inner ear). After the activation of this pathway, they find out that there are new sensory hair cells are generated which they have found in new cochlear support cells.

Latest Treatment for Hearing Loss
Credit: Health Insider

Patricia White a researcher at the University of Rochester Medical Center said “You have to regenerate sensory hair cells and these cells have to function properly and connect with the necessary network of neurons. The new research reveals a signaling corridor that can be started by diverse approaches and could signify a new method to cochlear restoration and, eventually, refurbishment of hearing.” Furthermore the added to this “The process of repairing hearing is a complex problem and requires a series of cellular events.”

The publishers also get to know about the evidence that activation of the cochlea’s ERBB2 pathway may be helpful for the sensory cells to assimilate with the nerve cells, as the cells present in the cochlea help in the conversion of the soundwaves into neural signals and then these signals are sent to the brain through auditory nerves.


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