Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Chocolate Brownie is an American Dessert rich in chocolate. As the name indicates, it is small, chocolaty and baked brown cake. From kids to adults, everyone loves chocolate brownies. It tastes like a mixture of cake and chocolate cookie. Unlike other cakes, it is baked without adding baking powder which makes it a thicker. It is served in any shape you like but square and rectangular shapes are most common. Now days, it is also served in cups and small bowls. If you are chocolate lover then it is hard to keep yourself away from this delicious dessert.

Some brownies contain nuts or small candies or Choco chips. Some are iced with whipped creams and flavors. The common ingredients used in brownies are eggs, white flour, oil or butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar and milk.

Easy Chocolate Brownie Recipe
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You can add ingredients according to your taste. Some people add milky chocolates and some add dark chocolates, the variation while baking it depends on the taste. It is said that there is always a room for chocolate desserts among chocolate lovers. If you are losing or maintaining weight then you should eat chocolate desserts in moderation because the small piece of brownie contains a lot of calories.


  • 2 Cups: Corn Flour
  • 4 Cups: All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 Cup: Cocoa Powder
  • 1: Egg
  • ¼ Teaspoon: Salt
  • 1 Cup: Oil
  • 1 Cup: Milk


  • 1 Cup: Cream
  • 1 Cup: Crushed Chocolates
  • Mint: For Garnish


Using a filter on the upper side of a mixing bowl, add some cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, whisk and corn flour.

Now add oil, egg, salt, milk, vanilla essence and beat them until mix properly and produces a thick form.

Transfer the batter into a pan and bake at 350-degree F in already heated oven for twenty five minutes to half-hour. I recommend, do not overcook.

For the frosting, in a pan add some crushed chocolate, cream and beat them until mix well to make a thick paste.

Pour the frosting over the baked cake and cover it completely. Now place this cake into a refrigerator for fifty-five minutes to sixty minutes.

Now sprinkle chocolate chips over the cake. Now cut it into as your preferred shapes. I cut this cake into square shape pieces.

Now pout some liquefied chocolate over for garnish and add some mint as per your taste.


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