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A Visual Guide to COPD Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

7. Antibiotics

COPD patients are more susceptible to lung infections as compared to healthy individuals. If your breathing problem and cough get worse, then you must consult your physician.

Do take it serious and immediately visit your doctor so that he may recommend medications for treating COPD.

Medications to Treat COPD

8. Exercise

Walking is considered the best exercise for people with COPD. 5-10 minutes’ walk on daily basis would be sufficient. Walking time can be increased to 30 minutes under severe condition. Do not forget to talk about your workout plans with doctor.

COPD and Exercise

Causes of COPD

Smoking is the main reason behind COPD as nearly 90% individuals with COPD are either former or current smokers. This disease normally occurs after 40. Risk of this disease also increases if you are exposed to environmental pollution and irritants. COPD can also be transmitted to a newly born baby if any of the parents is already affected.

What Causes COPD?


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