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A Visual Guide to COPD Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Quit smoking

As we have already discussed that smoking can lead towards COPD, so quitting smoking can help a lot. The small hair-like cilia are destroyed by tobacco smoke. Cilia are responsible for repairing and cleaning airways. Damage will be slowed or stopped by quitting smoking.

How Quitting Smoking Helps

Cancer and COPD

Lung cancer can be developed by COPD. Studies have found that chronic inflammation due to lung irritants or smoking can cause COPD as well as lung cancer.

COPD and Cancer

Healthy Diet

Individuals with COPD should take healthy diet. Breathing becomes difficult for overweight people whereas the underweight people are much weak. Consult your physician regarding the proper diet plan. Some general guidelines are given below.

  • Consume 8-9 glasses of water every day.

  • Avoid overeating.

  • Consume 5-6 meals every day.

  • Consume fiber-enriched foods like fresh fruit, grain bread and bran.

  • Quit gassy foods like beans, carbonated drinks or fried foods.

Stage 3 COPD Treatment

Some Tips

Living With COPD

People with COPD should keep them active whole day even if they face shortness of breath. You will get stronger by staying active.

Avoid interaction with secondhand smoke, lung irritants and chemical fumes.

Get vaccination against pneumococcal disease and flu.

Frequently wash your hands.

Avoid sniffing individuals during flu and cold season.

Also get practical tips and support from other people who are also experiencing COPD.

Start the treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid severe illness.

Quit smoking if you are a patient of COPD.

Get proper medication as prescribed by your doctor.


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