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Eat These 5 Foods to Lose 5 Pounds

Weight loss is a necessary process but it must be from a healthy way. It does not mean that you are not eating and going towards weakness. The simple way is adding such foods in your meal or adopting a diet plan that are helpful in fulfilling your requirements, giving you healthy nutrients and making you energetic.

We are going to discuss five simple foods just incorporate these foods into your diet and lose up to 5 pounds.

1. Whole Chicken

White meat plays an important role in losing weight. It is iron rich and low fat. Chicken is rich in lean protein and has a lot of options for hunger-squashing meals. Chicken has less time in preparation comparatively with other white meat. Another good thing is you can prepare a wide variety in meal with chicken.

Actually, it all depends on the way and style you are using chicken. Do not fry it. Simply steam or roast it. You can prepare it on a grill pan with some drops of oil. It can be baked in the oven. If you want to change the taste, then the best option is bar-b-que.

The simple steamed piece of chicken with stir fried vegetables is a complete meal. Another option is chicken soup. It also satisfies your hunger feeling as well as give you essential nutrients.

Weight Loss Chicken Soup


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