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Exactly How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

In older times, when fitness was being discussed, people and even fitness experts used to say that either you can lose fat weight or you can build muscles. But not both the things at the same time, that’s not possible. In fact, in order to describe the impossibility, they stated that losing fats and building muscle is same like Beyoncé performing at your birthday. By this they mean, this is only possible in dreams or under magical circumstances.

But this is the 21st century, researches and experiments today are so strong and they have proper evidence to prove their say that one can lose fat weight while strengthening their body. Yes, this might be difficult of slightly hard working but absolutely not something which is not possible.

Build Muscle and Lose Fat Diet

Following are the tips and terms that can help you crack the older code and will help you shed pounds while gaining muscles.

Eat Right

When you target your fat weight along with muscle weight, your point of focus should be well-balanced and healthy diet. Mainly focus on consuming less fat and high proteins in order to achieve your goal. Go for healthy high-fibre diet and fill you plate with three portions like one half with high-fibre carbs, 2nd half with proteins and 3rd half with veggies.

Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

Keep this in your mind that your calories requirement is absolutely different from other people around you because that depends on individual’s size and body so better eat until you are close to full and not over-full.

Don’t Overplay

Usually, people are so much obsessed with weight loss, and they tend to work harder and harder and lift heavy weights to get their desired results. But this is definitely not a good idea. When you work too hard or hit the gym with all your stamina then you feel hungrier and your body will demand more and more proteins to facilitate muscle strength. And this definitely not helps you lose weight. But for women, you shouldn’t be filling your plate more than a quarter of proteins because in that case you are taking too much amount of proteins, which is not recommended to shed pounds.

Forget the Scale for Some Time

While you are busy in losing fat weight and building muscles, the first thing you are supposed to do is to step back from weight scale. This is because gaining muscles are always deceiving. Muscles are heavier than fat so focusing on weight scale while losing fat and building muscles is not always productive. So you better focus on your inches instead of numbers.


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