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7 Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach

Tummy troubles disturb our normal routine and we cannot perform our tasks in a proper way. Even you are facing nausea, vomiting or just a general icky sensation these are the worst feelings and disturb our concentration.

A reason behind these conditions may be stomach bug you caught due to the extreme weather conditions or something you ate.

Here are 7 best foods that are strongly recommended by the experts to calm the tummy troubles. #upsetstomachfood #upsetstomach
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Here are some foods that are strongly recommended by the experts to calm the tummy troubles.

1. Bananas

Banana is a recommended energy booster food because of its easily digestible property and rich contamination of potassium.

When stomach is upset then our food intake is reduced so you have to take such food that fulfills your requirements. In this case, banana is helpful because it contains sugar so you get calories.

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This fruit contains pectin, which is scientifically proven, helps to firm the bowel movements. On the other hand, it has potassium in it that you are especially required during dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Papaya

A small portion of papaya is enough for an upset stomach. It soothes indigestion and heartburn. Actually, papaya has papin and chymopapain that breaks down the protein and soothe the stomach and alleviates the constipation. In this way, it simply promotes the healthy acidic environment in the stomach.

You can add a small portion of papaya in your daily routine for healthy digestion. In the morning by taking it empty stomach, you would feel weight reduction and proper digestive system.

Papaya Constipation

3. White Rice

White rice is rich in starch and proteins like potatoes and oats. Such foods are helpful in the lining of the stomach and efficient digestion.

Usually, starchy foods are easily digestible because they don’t sit in the stomach for long periods of time. Especially white rice is soft and easily chew-able.

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So if you are not feeling better then you need soft food as well as food that do not stimulate acid reflux. For this white rice is best.

4. Toast

When you are not feeling well or especially in the case of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, you feel bad taste in your mouth. In this condition even you do not want to eat anything. But in order to maintain your system you have to take food. And a slice of toast can drive you out of agonizing tummy trouble mode.

Do not festoon your toast with marmalade or delish butter and use it in a simple way until you are not feeling well. As it is low-fat meal so it will make you comfortable and you will feel better.

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5. Ginger

Ginger has a lot of benefits and numerous studies have proved it. If we say that ginger is anti-nausea remedy and improve the overall digestive health than it is not wrong.

Some people are taste conscious and do not bear its bitter taste especially to chew on a piece of ginger.

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Ginger tea is best in this case. Just boil ginger in two cups hot water. When it remains one cup then this water will contaminate the ginger extract. For better taste lemon drops and honey can be added.

6. Coconut Water

Coconut water contains potassium, vitamin c and natural sugars to provide calories as well as electrolytes. It is free from artificial colorings and ingredients.

In fact, if we say that coconut water is brimming with a range of health benefits then it is not wrong. It is beneficial for your overall body like for digestive system, for kidney health.

Coconut water benefits are not only internal but externally you will get blemish-free glowing skin.

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7. Yogurt

Yogurt is the best dairy option for an upset stomach. If you have loose motions then simply add isphagol husk and eat it. If you are facing the problem of constipation then use it in raw form.

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But be sure that yogurt is free from additives and sugars. Actually, plain yogurt consists of active cultures that increase the number of good bacteria in the gut that helps the digestive tract in digestion.


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