How to Make a Medicinal Salve with Herbs Infused Oils

Plantain salve is known for treating insect stings and bites, treating hemorrhoids, removing slivers and many more ailments. Salves can be made at home and this article is all about how you can make salve with infused oils.

Fresh herbs are always best but sometimes when they aren’t available; you have to get little creative about it. If fresh herbs aren’t available then you can infuse some dried herbs like mountain rose herbs or other medicated herbs.

Oils cover the larger area like sunburned areas and mosquito bitten area but an ointment or salve is still better than that. Once you have that oil infused with herbs, it is pretty easy to make ointment. Just have a look at following instructions:

To begin with, drain the oil from plant material.

Drain Plant Oil to Make Salve

For every 1 oz. or 30 ml of infused oil, portion out 1 tbsp. or 15 ml of grainy or grated beeswax. Place this infused oil in a pan and mix with beeswax. Beeswax pellets are tightly packed together even more than grated wax, so little spoon to mix them but make sure you mix thoroughly.

Grated or Granular Beeswax

Now place the pan on low heat. You can also use candle flame but to me it doesn’t look practical. Just set your burner on a very low heat before you place the pan on it.

Prepare the Salve

Keep on stirring the mixture and heat until the beeswax is melted totally. This will take just a minute or two or just a moment you take to blink an eye.

Now remove this from the heat and pour in ointment jar and let it cool until it forms a solid. You can use small jars or containers with flip flops or metal caps. You can also reuse the old jars or you can buy new ones. I have a lot of these jars because last year when mosquitos attacked, I made a lot of salves so I bought these little jars back then.

Salve for Bug Bites, Sunburn and Skin Irritation

If the consistency of the salve is too thick then you may melt it again in a pot and add more infused oil and let it solidify again. And if the consistency is too less than re-melt the salve, and add little more wax and let it cool.


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