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This Natural Home Recipe Will Help You To Lose 6 Pounds in One Week

No matter if you are skinny or fat, people will never be satisfied with how you look. When you are skinny, you will hear the compliments like, ‘oh honey get yourself something to eat you are so weak.’ And when you are fat or just little healthy, you will be receiving compliments like, ’Oh dear, go eat some salad or starve yourself to lose those extra pounds, you look so huge’. ‘Sigh’. I know both the compliments aren’t something a girl ever wanted to hear. But, you better stop caring about what people say and start knowing your body and win your desire body, and you can do this only if you want to.

Natural Home Recipe Will Help You Lose 6 Pounds in One Week

Healthy habits may seem old school but they are definitely for your own good because as you grow old your body gets old too and that is the time when you realize either you have to thank yourself or should be worried about what might happen. But worrying and crying and regretting is not the last option. You still can make yourself look young, pretty and have the perfect body. Excess fat in the body can bring a lot of problems with it. You start losing your confidence, and all those pretty dresses start losing their charm. Kids whose parents, in their early age, make them eat all junk and processed food, are highly at risk of getting obese. And obesity is not something to take light headed. The increase in weight leads to obesity. And most importantly it can bring along a lot of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and sometimes cancer too. A person suffering from obesity has a higher chance of getting cancer than an average person.

How to Lose Weight without Dieting and Exercise

I read this magic portion recipe somewhere and thought to try it out and I used this for months, and it turned out the best thing ever happened to me and since then it is the part of my healthy and clean eating. This magic portion consists of 3 ingredients:

  • Raw Honey: 1 tbsp.
  • Cinnamon powder: ½ tsp.
  • Boiled water: 1 glass


Take hot water, that you can drink easily, and add tbsp. of honey and cinnamon powder. Mix well and drink every morning before breakfast and avoid too much crabs and sodas. You will be seeing results in a very short period of a week.


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