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4 Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is dangerous and growing disease nowadays. Our heart pumps the blood in blood vessels and these vessels carry blood throughout the body and the force of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels is known as blood pressure. High blood pressure causes the stroke of heart failure.

Many reasons cause high blood pressure. You are at risk of high blood pressure if you are overweight and have no physical activity. Family history also plays an important role in hypertension because it genetically transfers. Stress is also the main cause of high blood pressure and depression.

Herbs and natural ingredients are used to treat many health issues. Herbs have more power to heal any problems and are used for many decades to treat any problem from inside and outside the body. They strengthen our immune system to prevent our body from diseases and stimulate healing abilities.

High Blood Pressure Treatment
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These herbs can be taken in any form you like. These can be used in the form of teas, essential oils, tinctures and in powdered forms.

1. Teas

Tea is a simple and effective remedy to lowers the high blood pressure and increase the circulation of blood. It helps to strengthen heart muscles and improve the cardiac functions. Basil leaves lower down the blood pressure. Cinnamon is also a very effective herb in many other diseases and it also has a capability to lowers the blood pressure. Cardamom also has a soothing effect for blood pressure and used in the reduction of blood pressure. You can just put the little amount of all these herbs separately in water and bring to boil. You can add any type of sweetener in it to enjoy a healthy drink.

2. Pills and Powders

You can use many herbs in powdered form also. Flowers like lavender and rosemary has a refreshing smell and a property to induce relaxation. These plants reduces the stress that is a main cause of hypertension. Garlic is used in many foods for seasoning but it controls the circulation of blood. It relaxes the blood vessels and the blood circulate easily in your arteries and automatically lowers the blood pressure. It can be taken in powdered form or freshly crushed with water early in the morning.

3. Oils

Oils like fish oil are rich in omega-3. Omega-3 has essential fatty acids which may help to lower the blood pressure.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

You can also control your blood pressure by losing your weight and doing proper exercise or walk and make it a part of your life. A healthy lifestyle also affects your blood pressure. Eating fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and rich whole grains controls not only your obesity but also your blood pressure.


High blood pressure effects many people and is a common problem that most of us face. Sometimes high blood pressure is difficult to diagnose and left untreated but this is a dangerous situation, because by the time the resistance of blood flow increases causes the blood pressure resulting in heart stroke. The high intake of sodium also increases the blood pressure. We should cut off sodium intake to control the blood pressure. Also beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine promotes hypertension.

Excess drinking may raise blood pressure but also effects the medications. If you smoke then quit smoking to help your blood pressure return to normal. Reduce your stress to get away from this situation Monitor your blood pressure regularly and use some natural remedies with your medications to control your blood pressure. Always keep in touch with your family that encourages to take care of yourself. Think positive and be happy.


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