Remove all Body Toxins in 1 Night with Homemade Foot Pads

We often feel severe headaches, joint pains and some chronic fatigues and sometimes we are unable to know the reason behind this. When you are unable to know the reasons then this could be due to toxins staying in your body that doesn’t get any way out. With the following method, you can get those toxins out of your body just in one night. These compresses are positioned on the feet sole right before sleeping and in the morning you will see the toxins that came out of your body.

The blood and the lymph do their thing throughout the body and this poultice is amazing to “eliminate” toxins.

Detoxify your body over night with this amazing trick


  • Water
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Socks
  • A gauze
  • A patch
For this Japan-based detox, you will need an onion, some garlic, water, self-stick gauze pads, and socks.
Credit: Health Insider


Take garlic and onion in equal proportion and crush. Add crushed ingredients to water and boil for 10 minutes and cool down for 20-25 minutes. Now transfer this mixture in the gauze and squeeze the watery mixture out of it and place the mixture in the middle of the feet sole. And wear socks.

Next morning you will see that the gauze will be black and this will confirm that you got rid of the toxins from your body.



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  1. The mixture color changed into dark due to process called oxidation, on the other hand considering the fact for materials movement toward higher concentration, the mixture is less dense than the body .

    • The CBD Oil is very helpful for gout and various pains we have. It has helped my arthritis pain in my fingers a lot!! No more headaches and neck pain

  2. I have bought this product before. It has been to my knowledge that it takes about 2 weeks for this to work or more. Using it every night. I would suggest U use a thick pair of socks. so it won’t leak out on the bedding. Thanks for the formula, does it take more for a larger person for the mix. thanks for sharing with all Jr

  3. I want to know that the mixture should apply only one leg or both leg and how many day course of it . And it may be help in arthrities problem.

  4. Thank you. This method is very simple and does not cost much so I will try it out tonight. The Japanese have a Foot Patch been selling but it’s very expensive..

  5. Thank you for this very important information easy and simple method to detox at home. I really appreciate this. However you did not say how much water can be used to boil. ??

  6. Did you answer any of these questions? It would be helpful if the answer was with the question. So everyone can know the answer.

  7. This will work very well with activated charcoal and bentonite clay. Mix and place wherever there are lymph nodes for example armpits soles of feet back etc

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