The 20 Highest Calcium Vegan Foods

15. White Beans

The calcium content in white beans is 96 mg per cup.

If you want to boost your levels of calcium, fiber and protein, then white beans are a good option. They can be added into your diet in multiple ways. You can add them to your soups, mash them for sandwich batter and even boil and season them with your favorite dressings, and eat them with fresh green veggies. They can be used in brownies too as a substitute for some fats. For using them in brownies, you have to boil and mash them.

14. Tahitian Taro Root

Tahitian taro root has 102 mg of calcium per half cup.

Numerous starchy root vegetables are sold as taro, but Tahitian taro tends to be the richest in calcium among all. They are shaped more like white potatoes than the sweet ones. They are easily available in USA.

Tahitian taro root can be used as a substitute for white potatoes. You can eat them as chips. You can also boil or bake them.

13. Cowpeas

Cowpeas have 106 mg of calcium per half cup.

Cowpeas are known by many names such as black-eyed peas, crowder peas and field peas. They are very delicious. They are a good source of calcium. The only thing about cowpeas is that they are not very commonly available. In case you find them in the market, don’t forget to grab them and add them into your diet.


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  1. This is quiet interesting that there are other foods apart from milk that contain calicium which is more crusial in our bones and i must get into action to look for them immediately and thanks to u Fatima.

  2. We really benefit from this information, and this natural foods is better than process foods which is affecting most of our organ. Thank and God bless.

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