The 20 Highest Calcium Vegan Foods

9. Turnip Greens

The leaves of the turnip have 125 mg of calcium per half cup.

Just like beets, the leaves of turnip are more nutritious than its roots. You can bake these greens with multiple other veggies or can even add them to your pasta. They are a great option for improving your calcium levels.

8. Edamame

Edamame has 131 mg calcium per half cup.

They are basically soybeans which are picked while still being green. You can boil them and then season them according to your choice. They are helpful in increasing your calcium levels.

7. Amaranth Leaves

There is 138 mg of calcium in a half cup of cooked amaranth leaves.

They are very commonly eaten in regions with warm temperatures. The shoots and young leaves of amaranth can be substituted for spinach.


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  1. This is quiet interesting that there are other foods apart from milk that contain calicium which is more crusial in our bones and i must get into action to look for them immediately and thanks to u Fatima.

  2. We really benefit from this information, and this natural foods is better than process foods which is affecting most of our organ. Thank and God bless.

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