The 20 Highest Calcium Vegan Foods

3. Stinging Nettles

Stinging nettles have 214 mg of calcium per half cup.

This wild plant has many health benefits. It is the richest in calcium among all green vegetables. It is better to use gloves while harvesting this plant due to the stings. However, this stinging chemical vanishes once nettles are cooked.

2. Sesame Seeds

One ounce of sesame seeds has 273 mg of calcium.

Although sesame seeds are very tiny in size, yet they are extremely rich in calcium. They are also loaded with copper and manganese.

You can add sesame seeds over fries. Ground sesame seeds paste, known as tahini, when added to hummus is a yum!

1. Tofu

Tofu has 861 mg of calcium per half cup and thus tends to have the highest content of calcium among all foods.

Tofu is a dish made from soybeans. Soybeans are also rich in calcium. Gypsum is used to change the texture of tofu from milky liquid to chewy curd. Gypsum is also packed with calcium. The firmer the tofu is, more will be its calcium content. Regular tofu has about half as much calcium as the firmer one, while soft tofu has quarter the amount of the firmer tofu.

From all the foods mentioned above, we now know that milk is not the only source of calcium. There are foods which are even richer in calcium than a cup of milk.

We should add these foods to our diet in order to keep our calcium levels good. If we eat these foods, our bones will be healthy too. Happy eating everyone!


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  1. This is quiet interesting that there are other foods apart from milk that contain calicium which is more crusial in our bones and i must get into action to look for them immediately and thanks to u Fatima.

  2. We really benefit from this information, and this natural foods is better than process foods which is affecting most of our organ. Thank and God bless.

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