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Ultimate 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Are you a food lover? But little overweight? And want to shed some pounds too? No problem. We brought a good and tasty 7 day meal plan for you, now you can lose weight while staying healthy.

7 Days Diet Plan - Loss Weight Program

Days Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Treat Total Calories

Green Detox Smoothie

1 hard-boiled eggs

Chicken and white bean soup 

1 medium apple

1 Whole Wheat baguette

Coconut chocolate energy bars 

1 tbsp. hummus

15 small carrots

1 cup chicken curry 

1 bowl cooked brown rice

1 oz. dark chocolate 

1.2 low fat yogurt


Vanilla French toast

1 cup fresh berries

Chicken curry 

1 orange

1 cup low at yogurt 

20 almonds

1 apple

Quinoa bowl 

1 cup steamed asparagus

1 dessert shooter 1511
Wednesday Overnight Oatmeal Salad bowl 

1 tbsp. hummus

1 banana 

1 tbsp. peanut butter

1 coconut chocolate energy bar

Quinoa stuffed pepper 

1 cup roasted parmesan green beans

1 coconut chocolate energy bar 

½ cup Greek yogurt

Thursday Pumpkin yogurt parfait Quinoa stuffed peppers 

1 medium apple

1 boiled egg 

½ granola

1 cup low fat milk

Chicken pot pie 

Steamed broccoli 1 cup

Dessert shooter 1594
Friday Banana Pancakes Pumpkin and berry smoothie 

Low fat cheese stick

1 cup low fat cottage cheese 

1 boiled egg

Penne alla primavera 1 oz. dark chocolate 1601

Breakfast hash

1 fried egg

Penne alla primavera Turkey n pepper roll 

1 apple

1 tbsp. peanut butter

1 cup mac n cheese 

1 cup cantepela

Mini cheesecake with fresh fruits 1416
Sunday 1 cup Greek yogurt 

½ cup granola

Mac n cheese 

20 almonds

Detox smoothie 

1 apple

Grilled Tuna 

Roasted asparagus salad

Mini cheesecake with fresh fruits 1485
We brought a good and tasty 7 day meal plan for you, now you can lose weight while staying healthy. #weightloss #dietplan #healthyeating
Credit: Health Insider


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