Which Fruits Are Actually Good Or Bad For You?

Adding fruits that are healthy and avoiding consuming too much of sugary fruits!

A diet rich in fresh fruits is truly wholesome because it contains all the essential nutrients and antioxidants that nature has to offer. Fruits are packed with abundant nourishment for the human body, and medical experts believe that an individual must have at least 4 servings of fruits every day. However, while fruits are very good for our health and they all contain certain beneficial properties, some of them can very sugary, so we have to tread carefully as we pick out the ones we add to our daily diet.

We should enjoy all fruits since they are such precious gifts of nature, but for those fruits that are very in sugar we must eat with moderation. Listed below are all the fruits that we love most, along with their health benefits and the supposed health benefits that aren’t actually true.

More Reasons to Eat Fruits

For instance, mangoes are very filling and rich with antioxidants, but they are also packed with sugars. Similarly, bananas are thought to be a rich source of energy, while you need to take caution how many you eat. Blueberries on the other hand, are rich in antioxidants so you should add more of them to your diet.

Let’s take a look at the healthiest and tastiest of fruits along with their health benefits:

1. Mangoes

Who doesn’t love mangoes? They are a lovely summertime fruit, but they are also packed with sugar. One mango serving contains around 31 grams of sugar, so you need to be very careful how many you end up eating after lunch. Always serve and enjoy mangoes in moderation.

Health Benefits for Mango

2. Bananas

Bananas are rich in starch and potassium, which will nourish your body with lots of energy. You should make a habit of eating bananas before your workout, but remember, one medium sized banana has around 14 grams of sugar. So, eating up too many can get in the way of balancing your calorie count for the day.

Health Benefits in Bananas


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  1. Hi, God gave us all this fruits for our health and to live healthy everyday. In the garden of Eden, we have difference types of fruits and vegetables yet to be discovered in this generation. Above all, eat the right food all the time …..stay healthy

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