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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

7. Use a lubricant

Sex sometimes is painful but it doesn’t have to be that much painful. Because, people may find it hard to get in the mood, it that’s painful. One of the main reason for sexual pain is vaginal dryness. To overcome the issue, you may use some vaginal moisturizer or sexual lubricant before intercourse.

Silicon based moisturizers are best lubricants as compared to the water based moisturizing ideas. If moisturizing doesn’t solve the problem than you should consult with your gynecologist to check if there’s something wrong with estrogenic levels in the body.

Use a Lubricant

8. Reduce stress before sex

Stress and anxiety, whose existence, we often don’t even realized because they are associated with normal daily routine matters like from job, kids, house chores and even sometimes hidden issues you aren’t aware off. These everyday stress attacks affects your sex life more than you even think off. Being stressed causes the production of “fight to fight” hormone in your body, which is called cortisol, which is enough to supress the libido and sex desires among the partners.

Before you go to the bed, find an easy and relaxing way to refresh your mind. This may include a hot bath, read some comedy book or watch a movie or do some anxiety relief yoga possess.

De-stress before sex

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